Chairmen and Speakers

The following Speakers and Chairperson have been invited to the congress:

Chiara Arienti, Italy
Gina Barlafante, Italy
Marco Bischof, Switzerland
Fabrizio Carinci, Italy
Saverio Colonna, Italy
Vincenzo Cozzolino, Italy
Patrizia D'Alessio, Italy
Emilio Del Giudice, Italy
Brian Degenhardt, USA
Robert Foreman, USA
Iginio Furlan, Italy
Tommaso Ferroni,Italy
Lorenzo Genitori, Italy
Jean-Claude Guimberteau, France
Jason Haxton, USA
Wilfrid Janig, Germany
Hollis King, USA
Emilio Minelli, Italy
Dmitry Mokhov, Russia
Michael Patterson, USA
Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, Italy
Eduardo Rossi, Italy
Paola Sciomachen, Italy
Paul Standley, USA
Alberto Tedeschi, Italy
Santi Tofani, Italy
Steven Vogel, UK


We have invited to partecipate to the congress and for the institutional greetings:

- Sen. Daniele Bosone (Vicepresident of the Hygiene and Health Commission, Italy)
- Dr. Antonella Coniglio (Councillor for Social Policies, Province of Florence, Italy)
- Prof. Gianfranco Gensini (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Florence. Italy)
- Dr Chiara Gherardeschi (Director of Planning and Programming Tools Industry Socio-Health, General Directorate of Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion, Tuscany Region, Italy)
- Prof. Tommaso Langiano (General Director, Meyer Hospital-University, Florence, Italy)
- Dr. Antonio Panti (President of the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Florence, Italy)
- Dr. Giancarlo Pizza (President of the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Bologna, and president of the Orders of Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
- Dr. Paolo Roberti di Sarsina (Expert for Non Conventional Medicine, High Council of Health, Ministry of Health, Italy)